Sunday, August 5, 2012


So just last month I finally, finally, finally, got my doc martens and my T.U.K. creepers came in the mail two days ago!!! So stoked.

All of my favorite shoes <3

My next shoe buy is def gonna be a pair of buffalos.... I've wanted some for so long but never knew where to find them. But solestruck is selling them now and hopefully still will be by the time I get the money lol.


And literally I've wanted those platform "converse" for the longest but they've never made my size. And now that they do it's in a slightly different style than I actually want. ALkhsda;gjksaureazioklj'za/

the shoes i want:

the shoes they have in my size:

I know it's a small difference but idk, I really like the stripe on the front. 

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